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Why DebbyK Coaching services?

You need help from someone who understands what you’re going through. I’ve been there too. If you haven’t already done so, you can read about my journey here.

You need someone to trust, who will help you create a new mindset, new skills, and new habits, so that you can be happy, be fit, be strong, be confident, and best of all, feel great.

There is no quick fix, no magic fitness pill, no magic diet, and no magic meal menu plan. There’s just you. And you can do it. And I am committed to helping you.

By creating new skills and habits you can free yourself from obsessing about food and fitness, feel confident, and finally lose the weight you want… for good.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Why do I need a nutrition coach?

Having a coach will motivate you. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader. I will always be there to pump you up.

Having a coach will keep you accountable until you’ve created new habits. It’s easy to make excuses why you shouldn’t do something, like exercise. I will help you find the reasons why you should!

Having a coach will fast track you to your goals, without having to sift through the internet and non science based opinions of others.

I will give you the tools, and teach you how to make the necessary changes along this weight loss / fat loss / health journey, based on how your body looks and feels to you, and only you.

My coaching plans are about helping you figure out what works best for YOU, so that you can become confident about your choices, get to a point where you feel and look great, and maintain it with a sustainable plan. And all without having to count calories, or measure your foods daily if you don’t want to! How cool is that?!

Do your coaching programs provide a specialized diet plan?

No, they do not. But they do center around how to live a healthy and vibrant life, in a lean, fit body that’s full of vitality.

We follow a whole foods based diet with an emphasis on helping you figure out the best sustainable way for you to incorporate non processed, and non packaged foods into the bulk of your diet.

There are no ‘good’ foods and ‘bad’ foods. But there are ways in which you can optimize your health and fitness without feeling guilty about eating all the foods you like.

Calories do count, in order to lose fat, gain muscle, or to stay at your maintenance. But more important are the types of foods that you put into your body on a daily basis. And together we will figure out what amount of these whole foods nutrients your body needs to thrive. In time this will become intuitive.

Whether it’s a Paleo, ultra low carb, low carb, keto, vegan (and it’s variations), it all comes down to:

  • what’s healthy for you
  • what works for you
  • and what you will stick with for the long term.

Bottom Line: the best lifestyle diet is the one you enjoy and can stick to.

And what’s most important is to help you create new skills and habits… around food, fitness, stress, and sleep… that will help you reach your body’s bliss !


Will I need to count calories?

Although my plans do not focus on counting calories, there is a period where we do count calories and macros so that we can have a baseline to work with, based on your activity levels for each day.

I like to use the ‘gas tank’ analogy: Your body needs a certain amount of gas based on your metabolism and your activities for that day. You fill your tank based on how many calories you need to get the jobs your body needs to do, done, along with a certain macro split we’ve determined at the start of the program. You’ll have a certain amount of food each day to meet those macros and calories. How you split them up will be based on your preference and lifestyle and athletic goals, for example.

The key to being a healthy, fit, lean and vibrant human being, is by learning the skills needed for cooking and preparing the bulk of your meals at home, while saving the outings for special occasions.

I will guide you in:

  • How to make better food choices
  • How to implement these new skills while simultaneously creating new habits around cooking and preparing your foods
  • Making healthy food choices outside of your home.

Calories do count. But so does the quality of your food at each meal. You will learn what foods meet your unique daily macronutrients and how to fulfill your calorie needs for the day.  You will also learn what that looks like on your plate when you choose whole, non-processed foods.

Oh! And not to forget, you will learn how, where, and when to fit in any treat that you are eying!

In time you will not have to count your calories or macros, or even weigh your food. However, if counting works for you and you enjoy it, I will never tell you NO!

Why are your coaching programs 12 and 24 weeks?

Any lifestyle change takes some time for your body to adjust both physically and mentally. Losing weight and making changes, and even learning new skills is not a linear path. You will have ups and downs.

For this reason I use a 3-6 month coaching platform, so it gives us enough time to learn new skills, make changes, see results, and build the efficacy and confidence you need, so that I can push you out of the nest and watch you soar 🙂

How are your coaching programs different from other weight loss and fat loss programs?

My programs focus on helping you build new skills and create new habits by making small behavioral changes so that you are able to sustain any progress you make along this journey. We focus on changing very little at one time, but mastering each skill until it becomes a new habit.

Do your coaching programs include fitness and personalized workout programs?

Although I am trained and certified as a fitness coach it’s simply too costly to build a personalized fitness program into each client’s fitness package. Instead, I will recommend some of the best fitness programs, books, videos and other resources that will best fit your level of experience and complement our nutrition coaching program and your fitness lifestyle.

What do your coaching programs include?

Each program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Client intake and health history
  • Thorough review of your past diet and exercise history
  • Review and general recommendations of your current fitness program, so that our nutrition coaching program supports your training for maximum and optimal results
  • Whole Foods based food shopping guides in a PDF format (If you have specific dietary needs we will accommodate for that)
  • Personalized macronutrient assessments and ratios for optimal fat burning and muscle gains
  • Help with identifying foods that may be problematic for your fat loss success, while being mindful of your health history
  • Guidance on how to build a healthy meal
  • Recommendations for revising your favorite foods and recipes healthy whole foods alternatives, including many of my own original recipes
  • Supplementation recommendations, and review of your current supplement regime, based on your athletic and aesthetic goals
  • Monthly progress assessment and macro changes based on progress utilizing pictures, measurements, and DEXA scan (Client provides the DEXA scan results)
  • Bi-Weekly 30-minute phone session, for those wishing to take advantage of this service (included in the pricing). There is no reduction in price if you do not use the bi-weekly sessions.
  • Unlimited daily email support to answer questions and concerns**
  • Daily/Weekly structured check-ins through email
  • iMessaging or Viber daily texting; Facebook Messaging for quick questions
  • Weekly Review of your Food, Fitness, and Goal Tracker Tools that I have designed exclusively for my coaching programs. (I also recommend My Net Diary online food app for phone and/or computer)

I do ask all of my clients to keep a photo journal of their progress. I will send you a PDF form that will show you how to take the pictures.

** Unlimited Email Support: Up to 5 email questions daily. I always try and respond within 24-48 hours.

If you’d like to discuss a 1-time consultation please fill out contact form below. I do offer these under certain circumstances, if I feel it will benefit you at this time.

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